Pivotal GemFire® Client v9.2

Security-Related System Properties

The table describes the security-related system properties in the file for native client authentication and authorization.

Table 1. System Properties for Client Authentication and Authorization
security-client-auth-factory Sets the key for the AuthInitialize factory function.
security-client-auth-library Registers the path to the securityImpl.dll library.
security-client-dhalgo Returns the Diffie-Hellman secret key cipher algorithm.
security-client-kspath Path to a .pem file, which contains the public certificates for all GemFire cache servers to which the client can connect through specified endpoints.
security-client-kspasswd Password for the public key file store on the client.
security-alias Alias name for the key in the keystore.
security-keystorepass Sets the password for the password-protected keystore.
ssl-enabled True if SSL connection support is enabled.
ssl-keystore Name of the .PEM keystore file, containing the client’s private key. Not set by default. Required if ssl-enabled is true.
ssl-keystore-password Sets the password for the private key PEM file for SSL.

Name of the .PEM truststore file, containing the servers’ public certificate. Not set by default. Required if ssl-enabled is true